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Blacksmithing Club is the go-to club for all of your metalworking needed. We forge to times a week. Open to all skill-levels, even to people with no experience. $20.00 club dues gets you all the metal, fuel and tool access you need to forge. Make sure to bring gloves! “Forging Ahead”


Interested in joining? Contact:



Blacksmithing Club

Young Americans for Freedom is a new club here at CMA dedicated to teaching, promoting, and spreading the ideas of individual freedom, a strong national defense, free enterprise, and open discourse. Let’s make CMA Great Again!


Interested in joining?yafcma1776@gmail.com

Young Americans for Freedom (YAF)

We're a group of nerds trying to get other nerds meeting all the nerds on campus! We exist as a social group to get students to organize students in a nice friendly environment. We avoid video and computer games and mainly stick to board, card and Dungeon and Dragons games. We are a great way to meet other students for both incoming freshman and current students.


Interested in joining: Contact:

Baxter Schumacher-Dowell bschumacherdowe7533@csum.edu

Tabletop Gaming Club

Greetings! We are the Latinx United Club! Latinx United embraces Latino-Chicano-Hispanic heritage and provides cultural services for students and the community. Our club empowers underrepresented students while providing a community of people just like you! So join today!

Interested in joining? Contact: Nathalie Calderon ncalderon0155@csum.edu or Tyrone Wise twise@csum.edu

Latinx United

Come join our new and expanding club on campus. We meet every Thursday at 7:15 PM in the beach volleyball court. No experience required. Our goal is to bring people together outside of the classroom by having fun and playing a few rounds of volleyball. Hope to See you there!

Interested in joining? Contact:


Volleyball Club

Roadtrip Club is a student organization that allows CMA students to explore the state of California to experience active weekend excursions such as surfing, camping, skiing, et cetera. Our club is committed to the organization of accessible carpool transportation to allow students to experience the area in their free time.

Interested in joining? Contact:

Logan Allen, Pres lallen@csum.edu

Roadtrip Club

Here at the CSU Maritime Academy Propeller Club we work hard to connect students to Industry professionals. We provide students with these networking opportunities via several events such as on and off campus speakers, luncheons, and discussion panels.

Interested in joining? Contact: Corbin Heintz- cheintz@csum.edu

Propeller Club

We are a bike club founded on the idea that someone doesn't need the newest bike to enjoy themselves on a fun ride with friends. We plan to take part in several of the bike events that are all over the bay area.

Interested in joining? Contact Raymond Barry, (310)880-1490

Rusty Chain Gang

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers for Cal Maritime is dedicated to to build contacts and resource base for Cal Maritime students in the engineering field and communicate the excitement of engineering.

Intrested in joining? Contact thecsumasme@gmail.com

American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Running Club is a group of students that meet bi-weekly to train and have fun running. The club pays all fees for three to four races during the year including the Oakland Marathon. Running Club is open to all students and all skill and comfort levels with running.

Interested in joining? Contact: tdrangsholt2567@csum.edu

Cell: (206)669-0693

Running Club

We welcome students into caring, diverse communities where they can build friendships and explore Christian faith in a marketplace of ideas. Our vision is to see students and faculty transformed, campuses renewed and world-changers developed. We have small group Bible studies, lead service and outreach projects and attend retreats with Intervarsity groups from other campuses.


Club Usually Meets:

Monday @ Maritime North 1930

Tuesday @ TSGB Classroom Deck 2000

Tuesday @  Classroom 101 2000

Wednesday @ Morrow Cove 1900

Wednesday @ Upper Rec Room 2000


Interested in joining? Contact:

Jeanne Krouse (217) 454-9910

Dane Krantz (949) 433-6896

Intervarsity Maritime

Cal Maritime Cat Club serves Cal Maritime’s feral cat population by feeding, spaying/neutering, and adopting out the cats. We run on donations and support from our community. We meet every other Wednesday at 6:15 PM in classroom 102.

Interested in joining? Contact:


Cat Club

Spearfishing Club is dedicated to the sustainable selection of fish. The club puts in hours projected towards the cleaning of our coast whether it be in the water or on the shore.

Interested in joining? Contact:

krisko1709@csum.edu (please include " spearfishing club" in subject line for a response)

Spearfishing Club

Surf Club is dedicated to obtaining the maximum amount of appreciation the California Coast has to offer. We do this by participating in constant coastal cleanups and appreciating every wave we can get.

Interested in joining? Contact: sbowman5882@csum.edu (subject line must contain Surf Club for a response)

Surf Club

Cadets at Cal Maritime will train with the North Bay Marine Platoon. Training takes place on campus and once a month with the entire Berkeley Company. Candidates who successfully complete OCS will have the option to accept or decline their commissioning as a 2nd lieutenant in the Marine Corps after graduation. OCS may be completed during the summer of a cadet’s freshman, sophomore, or junior year. OCS can be completed in two 6-week blocks (PLC) for freshman and sophomores. Juniors will attend one 10-week block for OCS. Financial and tuitional assistance are available after completion of either the first 6 weeks of OCS or 10 weeks of OCS.


Interested in joining? Contact:



knguyen 8179@csum.edu

Marine Corps PLC

The Humanitarian Club seeks to make a positive difference in the community of Vallejo as well as the world. We are determined to promote the welfare of people through community service projects on our campus and the surrounding communities. Please join today to help make a difference.

Interested in joining? Contact: hsoule4484@csum.edu

Cell: (61)208-9153

Humanitarian Club

We are a community open to everyone whether you are a member of the LGBTQ+ community or not. We actively run programs with other organizations on campus to have FUN and help make this campus LGBTQ+ friendly. We are a second family filled with diversity and open arms. There is UNITY in DIVERSITY.

Interested in joining? Contact:


Intrested in joining? Contact Andres Ramirez aramirez4185@csum.edu 

Gay Straight Alliance

The Historic Ship Service Club is new to Cal Maritime. We are dedicated to community service aboard historic ships in the bay area. So far we have sailed with the SS Jeremiah O'Brien, and seek to expand the service opportunities to other vessels.


Interested in joining: Blair Holloway

Historic Ship Service Club